Pick-up Menu

Download a .pdf of our 2019 Spring and Summer Menu HERE.

2019 Spring/Summer Pick Up Menu

608 W. Grove St. Boise, ID – (208)433-1208 – www.thebasquemarket.com


  • We appreciate a minimum of 48-hour notice. Unfortunately, there may be occasions when we are not be able to fulfill orders despite advanced notice due to prior orders.
  • Prices are for pick-up only. Call for delivery and service options
  • V= Vegetarian, VG= Vegan, GF= Gluten Free
  • Pick-up orders will come cold or room temperature unless specified. A 10% fee may apply
  • Items come in/on disposable containers & don’t include utensils unless otherwise arranged
  • If you order multiples, we may condense down to one platter to minimize space and waste


Burruntziak (Banderillas)

Ingredients elegantly paired to make the perfect bite on a small skewer – 30 skewers each

Basque Market Banderillas (V, GF), $30.00 – Manchego cheese, house olives, and piquillo peppers all on a Bamboo Skewer.


Chilled Pil Pil Shrimp or Chicken Skewers (GF), $55.00/Shrimp, $30.00 Chicken or $40 Combo – Cooked in white wine, garlic, red pepper flakes and Spanish olive oil.



Tortilla Squares with Romesco Sauce (V), $22.00 – A classic Spanish choice. An overstuffed egg and potato omelet topped with a rich tomato, pepper and almond sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Figs (GF), $30 – Dried figs wrapped in salty bacon and drizzled with sherry reduction. Two figs per skewer.


Platerak (Platters)

Delicious and beautiful.


Spreads and Toppings Platter, $10.00 – Apple, Bacon & Blue Cheese, Green Olive Tapenade (V, VG, GF), or Piquillo Pepper Cheese (V, GF) with 30 crostini. For spreads a la carte, $5.99 each.

Caramelized Onion, Brie and Rosemary Spread (V, GF), $20.00 — Hot & gooey melted brie laced with sweet caramelized onion and earthy rosemary with 50 crostini.  For a la carte, $13.99.

Chorizo Pamplona and House Marinated Olive Platter (GF), $35.00 – Zesty and smoky dry cured chorizo slices paired with our house olives, marinated in our own mix of spices and herbs. Add sliced baguette, $4.99

Manchego and Membrillo Platter (V, GF), $45.00 – Slices of creamy Spanish sheep’s milk cheese and Membrillo, a sweet and tart quince preserve. Delicious on baguette slices.

Smoked and Cured Lomo (GF), $50.00 – House cured and smoked pork loin, thinly sliced served with crushed marcona almonds and Piment d’Espelette Mustard. Like Basque
Pork and Seeds!

Customized Meat and Cheese Platter (GF), Starting at $6/person We have a wide selection of gourmet meats and cheeses both domestic and imported from the Iberian Peninsula. Choose your favorites for this platter!


Seasonal, Roasted & Pickled Veggie Platter (V, VG, GF), $45.00 – An assortment of seasonal, delicious and unique fresh, fire-roasted and house pickled vegetables.

Mini Bocadillo Platter, $60.00 – 24(3”) or 48(1.5”) Mini sandwiches made on fresh baguette style bread.  Choose from Chorizo Pamplona & Manchego Cheese, Olive Tapenade & Etxegarate Cheese, Jamon Serrano or The Basque Market Club with turkey, bacon, lettuce, and piquillo pepper aioli.  Ask about other options or feel free to mix and match!

Pintxos (Tapas)

Small bites: Mix and match creating a meal or serve as an appetizer.


Braised Chorizos (GF), $35.00 – Basque chorizos slowly braised with onions and a touch of red pepper in your choice of beer or red wine until plump and tender. 50 pieces


Basque Meatballs, $40.00 – Tender beef and pork meatballs simmered in our homemade chorizero pepper and tomato sauce. 75 meatballs


Croquetas, $40.00 Addictive bite-sized balls made of savory dough and then fried until golden on the outside. Choose between/mix and match flavors: cod, ham, chicken, or piquillo pepper with cheese. 75 Croquetas


Tortilla (V,GF), $11.00 – A tasty 10” overstuffed potato and egg omelet. Add chorizo, cheese, roasted red peppers, or seasonal veggies for $2.00 more. Please notify us if you want your Tortilla whole or cut in 12 Wedges. Add $2 for 24+ skewered squares.


Layered Tortilla (V, GF), $22.00- Two tortillas of your choice, layered with gooey melted cheese in between! Please notify us if you want your Tortilla whole or cut in 12 Wedges. Add $2 for 24+ skewered squares.

Braised Lamb Rellenos, $45.00– Piquillo peppers stuffed with tender lamb and topped with scallion aioli and herbed bread crumbs. 24 peppers per order.

Cod Rellenos, $45.00- Rich, creamy bechamel and flakey roasted cod stuffed into piquillo peppers, then drizzled with saffron aioli. 24 peppers per order.

Janaria, Zopa, Entsaladak, eta ogia (Meals, Soups, Salads, and Bread)


Customized Paella (V, VG, GF), $11/person – 10 person minimum/ 50* maximum for pick-up

A traditional Spanish dish, filled with saffron flavored rice and your selection of shrimp, mussels, clams, chicken or chorizo along with onions, peppers, garlic and seasonal vegetables served in a foil pan or a traditional enamel paella pan ($100 deposit required along with a $10 service fee). Prices are for your paella to be hot and ready to eat Monday-Saturday Noon-5pm pick up. Additional charges may be required for other pick up times or accommodations. Ask us about having a paella prepared from start to finish at a location of your choice.  This is a great option for groups over 50* or when you want a unique ambiance and mouthwatering aromas at your next party! Additional fees apply.

Red Bean & Chorizo Soup (GF), $6.99 – Amuma’s recipe! A hearty soup filled with red beans and chunks of Basque chorizo. 1 Quart

Potato Leek (GF), $6.99 – Potatoes, leeks, carrots, onions & garlic in a rich chicken broth. 1 Quart

Basque Market Salad (V, GF), $2.50/person– Mixed greens with house marinated olives, piquillo peppers, red onions with a side of our Basque vinaigrette.

Basque Vinaigrette (V, GF), $4.99/8oz Our famous sweet but tangy garlic vinaigrette.


Baguette (V,VG), $3.99 – Add $1.00 for sliced.


Rolls (V,VG), $1.00 each


Crostini (V,VG), $4.99 – Crisp, crunchy, and laced with garlic olive oil-30 crostini.


Goxokiak eta Postreak (Sweets and Desserts)

Traditional and unique sweets to provide the perfect ending to your meal.


Arroz con Leche (V, GF), $11.99 – This rice pudding is creamy with a hint of cinnamon! 1 Quart


Flan (V, GF), $3.99/individual 2” round cups, or $20/8” round pan – Traditional egg custard with a classic caramel sauce.


Tara’s Mini Sugar Cookies (V), $20.00 – 24 melt in your mouth little sugar cookies with a touch of coconut.

Dessert Shots (V), $26 – Want to impress your crowd and make everyone happy?  Serve our famous creamy rice pudding and rich chocolate cream pudding in our little “shot” glasses with cute mini wooden spoons. (20 shots per platter)

Gateau Basque, $25.00- A buttery almond-flavored cake filled with a layer of pastry cream for a beautiful contrast of crumbly and creamy layers. (9inch diameter)



Basque Market Sack Lunches

Have a large group to feed? Order our grab and go lunches.  Platters/family style options are available for groups of 4 or more.


Individual Sack Lunches, $9.00 – Includes sandwich, side and a complimentary sweet treat.

Choose from: Chorizo Pamplona, Olive Tapenade or Basque Club with piquillo pepper aioli.

Choose a side: Basque Market green salad, seasonal salad or a cup of soup.

Add a Can of Soda or Bottled Water for $1

Prices do not include tax or gratuity.