Aromas of savory traditional Basque dishes wafting down the block, robust red wines flowing freely, cold hard cider splashing into glasses, musicians’ fingers flying wildly along accordion buttons emitting tunes that can only inspire happiness in your soul, graceful and athletic dancers displaying their strength and agility in a joyful celebration of life…these are a few of our favorite things.


If you have ever been a part of a Boise Basque festival – you already know how fun it is to eat, drink, dance, and be Basque, and we enthusiastically invite you to join us again.


If you read this and thought to yourself “man I wish I knew about this before!”, we invite you to join us for a summer warm-up event!


Just one week before we kick off our annual San Inazio festival we will be hosting a Basque Block Party with food, drinks, and dantza.


THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2018 – 6:00 P.M.

paella table

Basque Block Party Ticket


Ticket to this event includes, pintxos, paella dinner catered by The Basque Market, a performance with the Oinkari Basque Dancers (Boise, Idaho) and Goizaldi Dantza Taldea (San Sebastian, Basque Country), and an after dinner street dance!

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Basque Cider on tap and frozen sangria!

Block Opens at 6:00




Grab a pintxo (appetizer) and enjoy live trikitixa (Basque accordion and tambourine) music performed by strolling musicians


Paella will be prepared live – watch as The Basque Market artfully prepares your dinner outdoors on the block




Treat yourself to an icy glass of The Basque Market’s famous frozen sangria, or try the Basque hard cider at the new mobile cider tap (alcoholic beverages are not included in the dinner ticket and must be purchased separately)




Dinner will be served when the paella is ready – bread, salad, and lemonade/iced tea/water are included.




Enjoy live performances by the visiting Goizaldi Dantza Taldea and the local Oinkari Basque Dancers.


Dust off your dancing shoes and stay for a while – live musicians will ignite the evening with traditional Basque dance music. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished dancer we invite every guest to join us for a sunset street dance – we will go until they kick us out!


To purchase your tickets before they sell out visit the Oinkari Basque Dancers website here.


Sheepherder’s Breakfast



Reservations reccommended. Seatings at 10 am, 11:15 am and 12:30 pm.

Please call 208-433-1208 to make a reservation.

Join us for a traditional, family style basque breakfast!

All you can eat menu includes: Sheepherders Bread, Chorizos, Basque Potatoes, Egg Piperrade, Churros, Coffee and Orange Juice! Add to your meal bottomless Basque bloody marys ($5) or bottomless Sangria Blanco ($5)!

Tuesday, July 3rd – Pre-Funk the 4th with us!

Join us from 2 pm to 4 pm as we sample some summer sparkles and fiery reds that will amaze your taste bus for the 4th of July!

These delightful wines will be a perfect match for your 4th of July gathering.